Impending UAW Strike and Potential Impacts

What is the Goal of the UAW’s Stand-Up Strike The United Auto Workers (UAW) have taken a stance against Ford, GM, and Stellantis, collectively known as the Big Three. They have created a movement called “Stand Up Strike.” Harnessing the power of unity, the Stand-Up Strike strategy empowers individuals to create a monumental force. Rather […]

The Anatomy of a Highly Optimized eCommerce Distribution Center

MVP Logistics Guest Blog Post

Guest Post Author: Allied Steel Buildings In the eCommerce era, the quality of the distribution center design can make or break a retail business. In fact, with customers’ increasing expectation for affordable doorstep delivery, some estimates indicate that distribution centers ill-equipped to accommodate last-mile delivery scenarios could see their profits take as much as a 26% hit. Some of […]

10 Steps to Shock-Proof Your Supply Chain

An infographic about 10 ways you can protect your supply chain

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States in 2012, it caused widespread damage and left millions of people without power. Retailers in the area were forced to close their stores, and many lost significant amounts of revenue. This serves as a perfect example of why retailers need to take steps to shock-proof […]

The MVP Tea – Supply Chain News – December 10, 2021

The latest updates on the congestion at the ports, incoming and empty containers, international spot rates and industry news.

This week on the latest news in the supply chain from MVP Logistics. The latest port congestion information for the cargo vessels at the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach, and the Port of New York. Updates on the latest numbers for shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles. Did you […]

Small Business: Hard To Sell and Harder To Survive

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A recent post on Reddit titled “The Supply Chain Keeps Getting Worse” discusses the harsh reality that many small business owners are facing in today’s manufacturing climate – you can’t sell your way out of this. One respondent stated, “it’s change or die.” This is a sentiment echoed by many other posts on the subreddit […]

Retailers Face Empty Shelves as the Supply Chain Weakens

A woman holding a lemon in the produce section of the grocery store

With the retail supply chain under pressure, retailers are starting to feel the pinch. The logistics field is about to be hit with a new set of challenges as shelves go empty across the country. The root cause of this problem is not panic buying, but rather much deeper-rooted problems that have been lingering since […]

Robot Employees, Nearshoring, and Supply Chain Bullwhip

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“Commentary: Caution—Bullwhip Effect Ahead” Even as the Covid-19 pandemic eases in most of the developed world, current evidence reveals that many firms are about to be knocked off their feet once more. As the pandemic’s rippling effects disturbed established supply-and-demand patterns around the world, uncertainty about demand estimates needed to drive supply-chain choices grew significantly […]

Worst Quarter in U.S. History, Another Cyberattack, Sustainable Ecommerce

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“Global supply chains have never been this clogged” A year after the worst quarter in U.S. history the economy is rebounding a pace that cannot keep up with supply. The manufacturing sector continues to grow despite global supply constraints that have been holding it back. Record-long lead times, rising prices, supply and worker shortages continue […]

How to Choose an Ecommerce Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution Partner

An image of a person using a tablet to shop for products online

As Ecommerce sales explode during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, many ecommerce stores are struggling with keeping up with demand. For many customers, buying online is an everyday occurrence and for others they are just beginning to shop online. One thing is certain, having efficient ecommerce warehousing capabilities to support the future growth of ecommerce is a […]

What to expect for the shipping holiday season?

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It is no surprise that a record setting holiday shipping season is upon us. Companies have anticipated the increase in shipping volumes in addition to the already elevated levels of capacity and rates due to COVID-19, but there is still a lot of uncertainty that lies ahead. With shippers and carriers experiencing drastic market volatility, creating […]

How to Choose a Cold Chain Provider

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With more diverse products being manufactured and shipped each day, carriers are transporting them across the globe at an increasing rate. Cold chain, also referred to as “temperature-controlled” transportation adds even another layer of complexity to the always evolving cold chain market full of disruptions and changing consumer demands. Finding a provider that can deliver a smarter […]

What you need to know about OTIF

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What is OTIF? OTIF stands for “On Time & In Full” and is the next step for big retailers. With OTIF, you now need to deliver your products within a 1-day window (on the exact date) — and it must be the full purchase order. Walmart recently announced new OTIF guidelines for suppliers. OTIF is applicable in almost […]

4 Benefits of a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Partner

4 Benefits of a 3PL - Moving City Lights at Night

Third-Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) are becoming more popular as the retail landscape shifts from the physical store to the online store. Why do so many companies make the strategic decision to rely on outside partners for execution of transportation services? The benefits are vast. 3PLs can gain you access to better freight rates, improve efficiencies, cut costs, […]

4 Benefits of Digital Transformation in Your Supply Chain

Photograph of a cell phone and a piece of paper filled with colorful graphs about supply chain and logistics performance

The world is in an ever-evolving state of digital transformation which has improved the performance of businesses and global supply chains. What is “digital transformation”? It can be described as the “application of technology to view, digitize, and analyze data in an accurate and quick manner to improve supply chain performance”. Companies are now using their […]

Why to consider Nearshoring (4 steps)

Supply Chain risk in the form of uncertainty from political decisions combined with fears of additional widespread diseases similar to COVID-19 has fueled the discussions about nearshoring. Factors such as supply and demand risk, total cost today and expected future cost levels will have to be evaluated. The big questions seem to be: “What are […]

How to Manage Coronavirus Risk in the Supply Chain (3 Steps)

An image of cargo at a port

With the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many industries are in flux. The supply chain is currently impacted at all levels, international ocean and air as well as US ground transportation. Many business owners are unsure of what to do or how to proceed. At MVP Logistics, we want to assure our customers that we’re proactively planning to […]

How Your Supply Chain Can be Environmentally-Friendly

Sustainability is a massive concern in the supply chain industry. Companies large and small are under the watch of customers who want to support environmentally-friendly brands. While change can’t happen overnight, there are a few steps that companies can take to help reduce their supply chain’s impact on the environment. GreenBiz offers 5 tips for making […]

How a Supply Chain Analysis Can Help Your Business

Business Professionals Discussing Their Supply Chain Strengths and Weaknesses

Your supply chain is a complex collection of moving parts. Ideally, those parts move together to create a smooth supply chain. However, that’s not always the case. Or even if pieces seem to move together, there may be hidden sources of friction slowing you down. A supply chain analysis reviews every step of your process to ensure you’re […]

What is a Fulfillment Center?

Inventory management is a struggle every eCommerce business faces. That’s where a fulfillment center comes into play.

5 Key Traits of Every Successful Operations Leader

operations leader using a clipboard

Operations are a key area for any business. That’s why having a successful operations leader is so critical. An operations leader wears many hats and makes sure that a variety of different systems all work together seamlessly. Here are some key traits to look for in a successful operations leader. 1 – A Motivator Every […]