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At MVP Logistics, our quest for excellence is in our DNA. Our logistics company in Minneapolis works tirelessly to understand our global customers and find simple solutions that will deliver the results you want. With over 25 years of experience, we are one of the best freight companies in Minnesota and the greater Midwest because we are prepared to tackle any issue — large or small — to streamline all points of the supply chain from raw material to end users.

our core values

Professional & Solution focused

We are professional at what we do.

We base our decisions on values and facts using honesty, integrity and constructive challenge.

We build simple and efficient solutions that add value.

We listen, learn and get better -always.

We make tough decisions.


We are ideal team players.

We are positive, open minded and work together as a team.

We help each other, and we hold everyone accountable – enabling every teammate to be successful and grow.

Customer's Experience

We are driven to provide a customer experience that exceed expectations.

We value our partnerships and create meaningful relationships internal and external.

We will win

We have a desire to win and are passionate about it.

We want our people, our customers, our vendors and MVP to win.

Whatever the decision we make, we provide opportunity to create value.

We innovate to be successful in the future, so we can keep winning.


We communicate openly and directly in a timely

manner and appreciate constructive discussions.

We keep our promises & avoid surprises.

We are committed to communicating right – every time.

In August 2007, MVP Logistics started as an idea sketched on the back of a napkin in a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. The idea was to create a logistics company that is customer focused and staffed by experts who make the complex world of supply chain management easier for companies to understand. One founding partner brought years of logistics and supply chain knowledge to the venture while another founding partner brought a nationally recognized reputation for warehousing and operational excellence.

The partnership was finalized, the company incorporated, and the first employee hired. A logo was designed and the motto “Solutions Made Simple” was adopted as the guiding principle the company would embrace. Our first customer, a large distributor in the Consumer Electronics industry, was brought on board. Using a borrowed desk in that customer’s warehouse, MVP started moving product and taking the first steps toward building their reputation as a quality, no excuses company.



MVP is amazing! They always pull through on the most chaotic of jobs, and we definitely couldn’t get it done without them. Any and all requests are quickly taken care of, and all shipments are dispatched and out the door without a fuss. The name is MVP because they are the MVP of shipping.


Printing Industry


The online portion [of my service] is going really well. I find it very efficient/fast trying to get orders processed, which is great!

Saves me a lot of time during the day to dedicate the extra time elsewhere, so thank you guys over there at MVP!


Crown Plastics Inc.


MVP has proven over and over again that quality service and communication is top of their priority list. From quotes to scheduling to claims, they have always gotten back to me in a timely and professional manner. I have been very happy with all of our shipments.


Food Service/Paper/ Janitorial Wholesaler