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Freight Shipping Services

With so many freight shipping services available, it can be difficult to find a reliable shipping company. We’re here to protect you and your goods.

With over 350 agent locations and 3,000 authorized carrier partners nationwide, we’re committed to delivering a freight shipping experience that’s second-to-none.

We are here for you when it matters most, giving your company the attention and care that makes all the difference in success!


Get shipments where they need to go quickly and efficiently


Take the hassle out of managing your carriers


Optimize modes, routes, and carriers with our TMS


Keep business running smoothly with real-time tracking of shipments.


Take the hassle out of freight claims so you can focus on business.

Customer Service

We provide a dedicated team for each customer from pickup to delivery.



Get secure, on-time delivery with full truckload (FTL) services

Less Than Truckload

Get affordable, flexible shipping solutions

Nationwide comprehensive cold chain services
For goods that can’t fit on a regular truck.
Get your container delivered quickly and easily


Need a same day delivery service?


Get an Exceptional Customer Experience with Our Dedicated Team of Experts

At MVP Logistics, we recognize the vital role that freight management plays in the realm of delivering a top-notch customer experience. Thus, we take pride in offering all our incoming clients a devoted team of professionals to oversee the smooth sailing of their first shipments. Trust us to set the tone for a hassle-free and highly satisfactory partnership.

Cut Shipping Costs and Strengthen Your Logistics Network

Our extensive investment in establishing over 9,000 carrier relationships, alongside more than 35 LTL carrier collaborations and 350 agents, has allowed us to offer our customers a vast array of carrier options. This availability of choice provides greater flexibility in scheduling pick-up and drop-off times, in addition to substantial cost savings. At our company, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence, and our expansive partnership network is a testament to that.

The Best Solution for Your Specific Needs, No Matter Your Preference

We offer our shippers the option to easily book LTL loads through our user-friendly online platform, with the added advantage of complete visibility into their shipment’s status by leveraging our cutting-edge KPI management tools. We recognize that each customer is unique, and their freight management requirements vary, hence our philosophy of tailoring a bespoke solution that best suits their needs. Regardless of whether our customers choose to manage their freight themselves or delegate it to us, we will work with them to develop a customized approach that maximizes efficiency and cost.

Get the Power of Technology at Your Fingertips – All Under One Source

At MVP Logistics, our mission is to simplify supply chain management for our customers. Beyond traditional freight management, we specialize in tackling complex scenarios other providers won’t touch. Our mantra, “Solutions Made Simple,” guides us in providing all-encompassing supply chain solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive services, including freight management, business intelligence for optimized supply chain performance, and streamlined order fulfillment and distribution solutions – all from a single source. Put your faith in MVP Logistics, and we’ll handle every aspect of your supply chain with precision and expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors to consider when selecting a freight carrier, such as transit times, pricing, customer service, technology, and reliability. By doing a thorough comparison of different freight shipping companies, you can ensure you’re pairing with the one best-suited to meet your expectations
and requirements.

  1. Start by researching freight carriers and the services they offer.
  2. Discuss any customized shipping requirements. You must ensure they can meet your needs.
  3. Factor in cost-saving strategies such as the use of freight brokers, which allow you to employ multiple carriers to maximize effectiveness and reduce freight costs.
  4. Once you have identified the best option for you, take time to review the contract carefully, so that both parties involved are clear on expectations.

Freight shipping is a type of transportation that involves the transport of goods, raw materials, and other items from one point to another. This type of freight shipment typically involves freight that weighs over 150 pounds, or require specialized equipment and expertise for handling, such as trucks,
trailers, ships, and rail freight.

Freight shipping works by first determining the item being shipped, how much it weighs, the dimensions of the package and what kind of packaging will be used. From there, a freight quote is provided based on freight class and rates for delivery.

Once a carrier is chosen and an agreement is in place, the shipment will be picked up from the origin point and transported to its destination using the appropriate mode of transportation.

Along the way, tracking information can be monitored to ensure accuracy in delivery times and provide visibility into shipment status updates until its safe arrival at its final destination.

Some popular modes of shipping freight include LTL shipping, partial truckload, truckload shipping, air freight, and ocean freight.

Yes, our freight shipping services can facilitate the transportation of hazardous materials. However, it is
important to note that all shipments containing hazardous materials must comply with local and federal regulations and may require additional documentation. We recommend confirming all necessary paperwork before your shipment is booked to ensure an efficient delivery process.

A freight broker is an intermediary between the shipper and carrier that helps arrange the transportation of goods. They work with carriers to negotiate rates, find capacity, and manage
shipments. They may also provide services such as customs brokerage, documentation handling, and tracking.


On the other hand, freight forwarders primarily offer international shipping logistics solutions by efficiently managing the import/export of cargo. These services typically include arranging for pick up, storage, and transport of goods from one location to another.

If your freight shipments will be traveling a long distance and/or using multiple carriers, then you may want to consider using a freight broker. A freight broker can help coordinate the various aspects of your shipment such as arranging pick-up and delivery, tracking the shipment along the way, and making sure
all documentation meets legal requirements. In addition, a freight broker can often secure better shipping rates than what you could get on your own by leveraging relationships with various carriers.

When you ship your freight, there are several steps you can take to ensure the safety and security of your items. First, properly package your shipment using quality materials such as corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. This will help protect against damage during transit.

Second, use reliable freight experts that can provide shipping solutions such as detailed tracking information so you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

Finally, consider investing in freight insurance. This will provide coverage for any damages or losses that may occur during shipping or in transit.

Most carriers today offer real-time tracking information as well as proactive alerts for delays or issues. This will help you stay informed and provide up-to-date information on the status of your shipment. However, it is important to be aware that these services may incur additional fees, so be sure to review
your carrier’s terms and conditions before signing up.



MVP is amazing! They always pull through on the most chaotic of jobs, and we definitely couldn’t get it done without them. Any and all requests are quickly taken care of, and all shipments are dispatched and out the door without a fuss. The name is MVP because they are the MVP of shipping.


Printing Industry


The online portion [of my service] is going really well. I find it very efficient/fast trying to get orders processed, which is great!

Saves me a lot of time during the day to dedicate the extra time elsewhere, so thank you guys over there at MVP!


Crown Plastics Inc.


MVP has done an excellent job of owning our brand as their own. The warehouse team has a deep understanding of our products and systems, which has been critical in both of these processes, where they catch manufacturing issues on the way in, and act as a last line of defense before orders ship.


Clothing Fulfillment Customer