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Food and Beverage Supply Chain

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Food and Beverage Logistics

When it comes to the food supply chain, there is no shortage of food and beverage challenges that companies face.

Challenges include facing new competitors and dealing with higher food costs. Another challenge is keeping food fresh during food transport. Staying innovative is also a challenge. Delivering to tricky locations with many stops, limited access, and tight schedules can be tough.

This is our forte. We simplify your supply chain to save you money and reduce stress. We also help you create amazing food experiences for your clients.

Expertise in the Food Industry

MVP Logistics brings extensive experience in the food industry, enabling us to understand the unique challenges and requirements associated with transporting and storing food products. This expertise allows us to customize solutions that specifically address your supply chain needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Our focus on temperature-controlled shipping ensures that your products are transported under optimal conditions, preserving their quality and integrity. For perishable goods, maintaining the right temperature is crucial to prevent spoilage and contamination. Our solutions help you meet safety and quality standards, reducing the risk of product degradation during transit.

Food-Grade Warehouse For Dry Goods

While we do not offer cold storage options for warehousing, we provide a food-grade warehouse for dry goods. This facility adheres to strict hygiene and safety standards, ensuring your products are stored in a clean and controlled environment. If cold storage is necessary, we can leverage our extensive network to find suitable solutions, ensuring all aspects of your supply chain are covered..

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, so do your logistics needs. MVP Logistics offers scalable solutions that can adapt to changing demands. Whether you require additional storage space, more frequent shipments, or specialized handling, our flexible services can accommodate your evolving requirements.

Partnered Businesses

We’ve partnered with numerous businesses in the food sector, gaining essential expertise and understanding. Our collective experience in logistics and supply chain spans over 115 years.

Here are the kinds of businesses we’ve partnered with and can assist:

  • Food Packaging Companies
  • Food Packaging Supplies Companies
  • Food and Beverage Distribution
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Food Ingredient Companies
  • Agricultural Producers
  • Quality Control Laboratories
  • Commercial Equipment Rental Companies
  • Retailers
  • Food Waste Management Companies
  • Food Machinery Suppliers
  • Grocery Chains and Supermarkets
  • Restaurants and Foodservice Chains
  • Specialty Food Retailers
  • Catering Companies
  • Food Importers and Exporters

How Prestige Beverage Optimized Their Supply Chain with MVP Logistics



MVP Logistics is a great company to work with. Very communicative and handles orders as a “one and done” situation. I don’t have to worry about an order after tendered to MVP. The team there is knowledgeable of the industry and great to work with. Very pleased with their service.

McCormick - Zatarain's


MVP Logistics has truly been a great partner of our company. Their communication is impeccable; their service top notch; and they not only give us great rates, but also get the trucks when needed. We’ve always said anyone can give you a rate, but will the truck be there when you need them. They work with a national footprint which is important to our company since our business is on a national scale. MVP ensures all our mutual goals and expectations are exceeded. I guess simply put, they give us the best service and care and make us feel like we are their only customer.

Food Distributor


The team at MVP is top notch and always quick to help. Many times, I have had a rush of orders where our volume spikes and I can always rely on MVP for help. We all know that transportation can sometimes be a matter of managing problems and the MVP team has always jumped right in to help make the issues as painless as possible. Their flexibility makes my job easier and I appreciate the partnership.

Food Distributor


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