With more diverse products being manufactured and shipped each day, carriers are transporting them across the globe at an increasing rate. Cold chain, also referred to as “temperature-controlled” transportation adds even another layer of complexity to the always evolving cold chain market full of disruptions and changing consumer demands. Finding a provider that can deliver a smarter solution is the key to having a simple, low risk and efficient cold chain.


What is temperature-controlled shipping?

Temperature controlled shipping is a basic term for any product that is temperature sensitive meaning that it needs to stay at, above, or below a certain temperature for products not to be damaged. Those items require special handling and storage during transport to maintain stable temperatures from dock to dock. When shipping temperature-controlled products you must ensure that they arrive unaffected which requires a good cold chain strategy.



To run an efficient cold chain, they must be flexible and offer a variety of temperature-controlled services that you can scale to your business. Be sure to investigate options for frozen or chilled, having a combination of cross-dock operations and multi-stop truckloads, and even multiple modes of transportation. The more variety a prover can offer the better chance you have of building a solution around your cold chain needs.


Trusted cold packaging

It is important that you take the necessary steps to choose a trusted cold chain that has the best packing fit for your product. Ensure that your provider utilizes temperature-controlled docks and storage to prevent and spoilage during the delivery process. Be sure to ask about different technologies and strategies involved in keeping products fresh and frozen because they may differ from one provider to the next.



Temperature sensitive products are easily damaged if not handled properly, visibility is must for a lot of cold chain shippers. Having great visibility allows for the customer to be able to check real time the temperature of the product, where the shipment is, and when it is expected to arrive. Having visibility as a customer also allows for you to get a better understanding of where there might be some area to streamline a process or address risk.


Better consistency

If possible, you want a provider that has a consistent delivery schedule. This will help create some predictability which can help with anticipation of a market or industry change that can impact your business. Even large retailers will let you choose what day to deliver on, but they then expect you to consistently deliver on that day, and in a predefined window. Your provider should offer a fair rate coupled with quality service. In this current marketplace, your product needs to be on time and in full to keep up with the competition.


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