MVP’s simplified solutions helped 13 Fishing, an innovative fishing equipment supplier, handle demand, optimize ecommerce and assist in growth.

“MVP handles our product with the same care we would allowing us more time to focus on what’s important; product and servicing our customers. They’ve been a great addition to the 13 family.”


13 Fishing, a major developer and designer of fishing rods, reels, baits, and apparel, was having a few issues with launching ecommerce and managing warehousing. Previously 13 Fishing sold their products exclusively big box retail stores, and smaller bait shops. They did not have the tools or facilities to prepare shipments and optimize freight. 13 Fishing’s growing popularity made it difficult to keep up with demand which caused a lot of backorder. Additionally, they were beginning to outgrow their warehouse and needed better inventory management capabilities where they could develop better packaging for future ecommerce development.


A prior relationship brought MVP and 13 Fishing together. MVP’s vast network and knowledge of carriers provided 13 Fishing plenty of options and leverage for negotiating new affordable rates. Previously 13 Fishing was shipping their products out in the same box they came in which was not ideal. MVP brought in a cardboard supplier that helped design new packaging for their products, which could be customized to their liking. MVP strategically moved products to the Minneapolis warehouse and began building a process to eliminate backorders as demand for product has continued to rise. Additionally, experts at MVP built a special project warehouse team to organize all the products to prepare for 13 Fishing’s ecommerce launch and get their products to market quickly.


MVP’s ecommerce and warehousing solutions has delivered cost savings and flexibility for 13 Fishing. The warehouse and fulfillment solution gave 13 Fishing a flexible cost-effective process that allowed for the successful launch of their ecommerce store.  On average, MVP handles over 250 orders and ships over 15,000 units per week and provides faster order fulfillment than before the change. MVP continues to work with 13 Fishing by exploring future international and full supply chain processes.

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