“Global supply chains have never been this clogged”

A year after the worst quarter in U.S. history the economy is rebounding a pace that cannot keep up with supply. The manufacturing sector continues to grow despite global supply constraints that have been holding it back. Record-long lead times, rising prices, supply and worker shortages continue to be the issues that limit manufacturing to meet demand.



“Livestock haulers urge FMCSA action in wake of JBS cyberattack”

JBS meat supplier has suffered from a cyberattack that led to transportation delays and is seeking help from the FMCSA. Livestock shippers are already urging for a lift on COVID-19 work rules so they can avoid supply chain delays, which could cause a major supply chain disruption impacting producers and consumers.


“DHL: ‘Sustainable e-commerce is not any oxymoron’”

A white paper shared by DHL discussed ecommerce sustainability and technologies that may be necessary in order for ecommerce to gain a net positive effect on the environment. First mile, middle, last mile, automation, packaging solutions, and data analytics are all areas that can improve on sustainability.



Q2 of 2020 was the worst quarter in U.S. economic history, and a year after we are still feeling the effects of it. Demand has shot through the roof but suppliers are still strapped for workers and materials. Record long lead times across the world are leading to a massive global supply constraint. We conducted a poll with our audience and 45% of the participants stated that global logistics constraints have been the the biggest impact in their supply chain.

Another cyberattack, this time on the world’s largest meat supplier, that caused the closing of 9 plants and will move cybersecurity up on the list of priorities at many IT departments. With information becoming a company’s the most valuable asset, cybersecurity has become a necessity, not only in supply chain but for companies in all industries.

Because of COVID-19 and the closing of many physical locations, ecommerce has risen to record high levels and forced many companies to adapt their business to accommodate people will now be shopping online. This sudden consumer behavior switch, has created a major impact on the environment. Sustainable ecommerce will be a big topic on the horizon for businesses and how they can focus their efforts within their supply chain.

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