Your supply chain is a complex collection of moving parts. Ideally, those parts move together to create a smooth supply chain. However, that’s not always the case. Or even if pieces seem to move together, there may be hidden sources of friction slowing you down. A supply chain analysis reviews every step of your process to ensure you’re using the right services for your business. This can help your business overall in a few key ways.


One of the biggest reasons to do a periodic supply chain analysis is to close gaps and reduce costs. Freight costs in particular can eat up budget and also fluctuate throughout the year. What solutions worked last year might not be the same this year, and you may end up spending more money unnecessarily for the same level of service.

Additionally, a supply chain analysis looks into your capacity utilization to determine the best shipping options for you. LTL shipping and other methods may save you money over your current processes.


It’s important to see where your biggest delays occur to make sure your goods arrive on time. Timely delivery is vital for companies who service Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. that demand must arrive by date (MABD). A supply chain analysis will reveal the areas in which you can improve your time. You may also find that your priorities have changed this year if you do now ship to a large company – MABD may not be more important than saving money. It’s important to do a supply chain analysis to adjust for such yearly changes.


If your damage claims are high, a thorough review of your supply chain is in order. A supply chain consultant can review your current processes to see where product is being damaged and what changes can help mitigate costs lost from damaged goods and prevent more damages in the future.


Finally, a supply chain analysis helps you by getting everything on the table. While reviewing your current processes, a good logistics manager will also give you transparency on your supply chain moving forward. You’ll be able to see every step of your supply chain process.

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