When a popular local retailer was looking to grow and turn their ecommerce orders quickly, MVP provided the flexibility to handle a consistently diverse set of schemes and styles, as well as the expertise to take on their warehouse goods.

“When we needed to make a change from our previous warehouse provider, we went with MVP because of their determination to be a successful partner. The partnership has developed over time and MVP has provided us creative solutions to support our business.”

-Bob Truax, Owner, Comet Clothing


Comet Clothing, the marketer of Zubaz branded products, previously used a different partner for their warehousing and distribution who did not have the interest or expertise in finding solutions to some of the issues Comet was facing. Inefficient inventory control, coupled with a lack of strategy and poor performance for pick and pack, provided Comet Clothing virtually no visibility of inventory on hand, which made it extremely difficult to track their products. Comet Clothing needed a total overhaul of their order processing because of their diverse set of ecommerce product options. A simple EDI integration was needed as well. Simply stated, Comet Clothing needed a true partner who was invested in growing together.


Experts at MVP rapidly developed solutions to address the inefficiencies, which included:

Results and future plans

MVP’s true partnership improved the approach to inventory control, warehousing, ecommerce, and distribution, which allowed Comet Clothing to effectively catch up on back orders and launch their ecommerce store. The partnership between MVP and Comet Clothing produced a new pricing solution that gave Comet the ability to create a more diverse product offering for their customers. Now, Comet Clothing ships hundreds of diverse orders per week through retail, direct-to-consumer and ecommerce channels without issues in inventory or order fulfillment.

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