As Ecommerce sales explode during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, many ecommerce stores are struggling with keeping up with demand. For many customers, buying online is an everyday occurrence and for others they are just beginning to shop online. One thing is certain, having efficient ecommerce warehousing capabilities to support the future growth of ecommerce is a must for shippers if they want to compete in their industry.


Pricing flexibility

When choosing an ecommerce fulfillment service look for providers that have lower flat rate pricing structure that will not skyrocket if you suddenly start receiving orders. Avoid providers that charge high fixed storage fees. Finally, find out if provider is flexible on how long you can hold inventory in their warehouse for.


Consider an ecommerce fulfillment provider that can scale to your business as it grows. Is there enough space in the warehouse to add more inventory? Many 3PL’s do this very well because of their connections to additional warehousing and personnel. The inability to scale properly can lead to online platform issues as well as extra time to market for new products.


Integration and automation technology
Up to date integration technology will allow for your ecommerce store to easily be set up and place online orders with no additional work from workers. Be sure that the software can automatically update order statuses and inventory, both in the warehouse and on your ecommerce site. Choosing an ecommerce provider that can integrate with any major ecommerce platform such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and other big box retailers as they are commonly used by other companies for their online store platform. Other technologies that assist with picking and packing can be extremely helpful for inventory management depending on the product.


Visibility is becoming more of a necessity especially for products that are valuable or climate sensitive. Consumers want visibility because it allows them to diagnose what went wrong if their products showed up missing or damaged. Visibility of all your inbound, outbound and warehouse inventory all in one software program allows for companies to better plan and manage their inventory and deliveries as well as pull analytics and detailed reports to analyze their performance.


Faster order fulfillment

Expectations set by Amazon prime have changed customer expectations to being extremely fast and free wherever they shop online. If you cannot deliver to what the customer thinks as “fast” you may be losing that customer to someone who can get it there faster. Choosing a provider located closer to your customers makes it easier and more affordable to get things to your customers more quickly. Working with a 3PL can make this easier because they are able to distribute your inventory in multiple locations, so that it is sent to the nearest DC giving you the cheapest option.


Managing Ecommerce can be time consuming, inefficient, and expensive. Work with a 3PL like MVP Logistics where we let you focus on growth while not having to worry about your ecommerce or warehousing. Ecommerce fulfillment can be difficult so you will need supply chain experts who can manage ecommerce fulfillment that provides a great customer experience.


MVP Logistics is your 3PL logistics partner for supply chain project management, logistics, warehousing and fulfillment, LTL, and other supply chain needs. Our Minneapolis, Houston, and Los Angeles area warehouses provides local, national, and international shipping services. Find your solution today.

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