Operations are a key area for any business. That’s why having a successful operations leader is so critical. An operations leader wears many hats and makes sure that a variety of different systems all work together seamlessly. Here are some key traits to look for in a successful operations leader.

1 – A Motivator

Every successful operations leader knows that their work is only as good as their whole team. They know how to build a team and how to foster a culture of cooperation. They don’t focus on the bad – instead they praise good work and highlight areas for improvement in a constructive way.

2 – Efficient

With all the various systems an operations leader needs to keep track of, efficiency is key. An efficient operations leader is an expert at analyzing data and optimizing internal processes to decrease overall cost. They also know how to stay afloat during busy times and make the most out of slow times.

3 – Responsive

It’s vital to set realistic goals and to analyze data in real time. A successful operations leader sets goals for themselves and helps their team members to set their own goals, and follows through with measuring them.

4- Clear Communicator

Communication is easily one of the most important – if not the most important – skills any leader needs to posses. An operations leader needs to be able to effectively communicate with people at various levels.

5- Knowledgeable

A successful operations leader is always learning and growing. They should already have a solid foundation of knowledge about supply chain management and use their on-the-job experience to broaden their knowledge. They’re constantly reading articles on industry trends and offering new solutions.

These traits are key for any operational leader, but these are all skills that can be learned. Any operations leader can be a successful leader if they learn these skills.

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