Every day, thousands of shipments arrive at their destination. However, there are some delays that occur every day too. This is frustrating for shippers, and for those following protocols like MABD – it can be costly. While it’s not possible to guarantee delays will never happen, there are a few ways to avoid the top delivery delays.


Without clear visibility at every step of your shipment’s journey, it’s easy to run into delays – or even lose track of your shipment altogether.

A logistics company will help you keep track of your shipment. They can perform a supply chain analysis to ensure that you have access to real-time data systems to track your shipment’s location.


While it’s possible to plan ahead, it’s impossible to anticipate vehicle troubles like a flat fire or faulty engine. However, using a logistics company will resolve vehicle issues to keep shipments running on time. All trucks and transport can be equipped with tracking, so that in the event of a breakdown or delay, the logistics company can dispatch another truck to pick up the shipment and continue its journey.


With a lot of shipments coming to and from big cities, traffic is a common source of delivery delay. Here, technology comes into play. Route optimization software finds the fastest routes possible to update drivers in real-time so they can avoid congestion.


Unfortunately, weather is also a common source of delay. Also unfortunately, road shut-downs and unsafe conditions are impossible to avoid. However, logistic companies constantly monitor the weather to proactively update delivery estimates and route around adverse conditions wherever possible.


During the holiday season, there’s a massive uptick in shipping activity. This is also often a time where delays are not tolerated. A logistics company can help avoid delays by working with you t to set timelines in advance of the holidays.

Are you tried of delays? Contact us today for a supply chain analysis. We’ll take a look at your current processes, if there are any gaps and where we can improve your visibility and communication to ensure shipments arrive on time.

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