10 Steps to Shock-Proof Your Supply Chain

An infographic about 10 ways you can protect your supply chain

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States in 2012, it caused widespread damage and left millions of people without power. Retailers in the area were forced to close their stores, and many lost significant amounts of revenue. This serves as a perfect example of why retailers need to take steps to shock-proof […]

How to Increase Supply Chain Speed to Market

Image of fast moving traffic within a city

The speed at which a company addresses a new product, service, customer signal, or event can have a significant impact on profitability and customer feedback. “Speed to market” is a phrase used to describe how quickly an organization develop a new product or service from the initial idea, design, prototype, testing, developing, manufacturing, shipping, and finally […]

4 Benefits of a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Partner

4 Benefits of a 3PL - Moving City Lights at Night

Third-Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) are becoming more popular as the retail landscape shifts from the physical store to the online store. Why do so many companies make the strategic decision to rely on outside partners for execution of transportation services? The benefits are vast. 3PLs can gain you access to better freight rates, improve efficiencies, cut costs, […]

4 Benefits of Digital Transformation in Your Supply Chain

Photograph of a cell phone and a piece of paper filled with colorful graphs about supply chain and logistics performance

The world is in an ever-evolving state of digital transformation which has improved the performance of businesses and global supply chains. What is “digital transformation”? It can be described as the “application of technology to view, digitize, and analyze data in an accurate and quick manner to improve supply chain performance”. Companies are now using their […]

5 Key Traits of Every Successful Operations Leader

operations leader using a clipboard

Operations are a key area for any business. That’s why having a successful operations leader is so critical. An operations leader wears many hats and makes sure that a variety of different systems all work together seamlessly. Here are some key traits to look for in a successful operations leader. 1 – A Motivator Every […]