Before shipping ground freight, it’s important to know the associated costs. However, finding a “one size fits all” quote is impossible – each shipment has a different size, weight and requirements that it’s impossible to follow a simple formula each time.

While every shipment is different, you can still get an estimate online that will help you budget and plan accordingly.

With our Freight Shipping Calculator, you can get a general estimate for both domestic and international shipping.

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How is Shipping Cost Calculated?

There are a few factors that go into calculating the cost to ship:

  1. Shipment dimensions: Whether you’re shipping one box or 200, the size of your shipment dictates the size of truck(s) needed.
  2. Shipment weight: Weight is a huge factor when it comes to shipping costs. The heavier a package, the more it will cost to ship.
  3. Shipment destination: Shorter trips will naturally cost less than longer trips. If that package is moving across state or national lines, that will also increase the cost.
  4. Value of contents: High-value products often need to be insured as well, which adds to your shipping costs.
  5. Delivery times: If you need to follow must arrive by date (MABD), this will be factored into your shipping costs as well.

These factors will influence your shipping estimate and depend greatly on your specific shipment and requirements.


Estimate Your Freight Shipping Costs

Get a freight shipping estimate in seconds with MVP’s Freight Shipping Calculator. Simply enter the dimensions and weight of your package and your intended destination to get started. Our team will generate a personalized quote for your package so you can accurately plan for shipping costs. It’s just that easy!


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