It’s no secret that we love logistics – it’s even in our name – but, finally, everyone else is starting to see why we love it so much.

We’ve already touched on how graduation rates for transportation are on the rise, and that momentum has carried into logistics and logistics management. Logistics careers are heating up at the moment, and are only getting hotter.

1. There are thousands of new opportunities.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of jobs in the logistics field will increase by 25.5 percent from the years 2010 to 2020 – that’s 27,800 new jobs. Companies are looking for new blood.

2. Flexible Options

“Logistics” encompasses a wide array of jobs, from the warehouse floor to a buyer in the field. This career is heating up. It’s easy for newcomers to start out in entry level positions and quickly advance to their desired position. There are also numerous areas for specialization, from analytics to management.

3. Competitive Pay

In an era where so called “blue collar jobs” have taken a backseat in favor of the four year college path, logistics has kept up a steady pace and become a competitive career. According to Supply Chain Digital, the average wage for logisticians is $74,000 – a huge increase from the average of $53,000 in 2002.

4. Mentally Stimulating

A career in logistics s anything but boring. Working in logistics means a constant variety in the type of work you do. More often than not, logistics also crosses over into other departments – meaning a whole variety of work. Logisticians are experts at thinking on their feet and love the excitement of something new each day.

5. Logistics is Welcoming

For newcomers, logistics is an easy field to get into. There are multiple areas for new employees to enter, regardless of education level. Logistics is also a popular career choice for people entering the workforce from the U.S. military, as practical experience provided by the military translates easily into a mid-level logistics position. Additionally, careers for women in logistics have been opening up and expanding, and many women now hold top positions in logistics departments.

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