Why Offshoring Manufacturing and Sourcing is Now a Liability

An infographic that discusses the benefits and risks associated with offshoring manufacturing and sourcing.

The pandemic made us realize there are risks in the global supply chain we never thought about before. Businesses are realizing it might be a bad idea to get manufacturing and sourcing from other countries because of the risk, which may come with a heavy cost. In a world where global events can disrupt supply […]

Robot Employees, Nearshoring, and Supply Chain Bullwhip

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“Commentary: Caution—Bullwhip Effect Ahead” Even as the Covid-19 pandemic eases in most of the developed world, current evidence reveals that many firms are about to be knocked off their feet once more. As the pandemic’s rippling effects disturbed established supply-and-demand patterns around the world, uncertainty about demand estimates needed to drive supply-chain choices grew significantly […]

How to Choose an Ecommerce Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution Partner

An image of a person using a tablet to shop for products online

As Ecommerce sales explode during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, many ecommerce stores are struggling with keeping up with demand. For many customers, buying online is an everyday occurrence and for others they are just beginning to shop online. One thing is certain, having efficient ecommerce warehousing capabilities to support the future growth of ecommerce is a […]

4 Benefits of a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Partner

4 Benefits of a 3PL - Moving City Lights at Night

Third-Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) are becoming more popular as the retail landscape shifts from the physical store to the online store. Why do so many companies make the strategic decision to rely on outside partners for execution of transportation services? The benefits are vast. 3PLs can gain you access to better freight rates, improve efficiencies, cut costs, […]