Why Offshoring Manufacturing and Sourcing is Now a Liability

An infographic that discusses the benefits and risks associated with offshoring manufacturing and sourcing.

The pandemic made us realize there are risks in the global supply chain we never thought about before. Businesses are realizing it might be a bad idea to get manufacturing and sourcing from other countries because of the risk, which may come with a heavy cost. In a world where global events can disrupt supply […]

Rent & Container Price Surge

“Warehouse Rents Surge on Bidding Wars for Scarce Space” As corporations compete for scarce distribution space to meet rising e-commerce demand, the warehouse market in the United States is starting to resemble the hot housing market. As merchants and logistics providers scramble to relocate goods closer to population centers, industrial rents are rising, with some […]

Worst Quarter in U.S. History, Another Cyberattack, Sustainable Ecommerce

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“Global supply chains have never been this clogged” A year after the worst quarter in U.S. history the economy is rebounding a pace that cannot keep up with supply. The manufacturing sector continues to grow despite global supply constraints that have been holding it back. Record-long lead times, rising prices, supply and worker shortages continue […]

What to expect for the shipping holiday season?

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It is no surprise that a record setting holiday shipping season is upon us. Companies have anticipated the increase in shipping volumes in addition to the already elevated levels of capacity and rates due to COVID-19, but there is still a lot of uncertainty that lies ahead. With shippers and carriers experiencing drastic market volatility, creating […]

How to Manage Coronavirus Risk in the Supply Chain (3 Steps)

An image of cargo at a port

With the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many industries are in flux. The supply chain is currently impacted at all levels, international ocean and air as well as US ground transportation. Many business owners are unsure of what to do or how to proceed. At MVP Logistics, we want to assure our customers that we’re proactively planning to […]

What is Drayage?

We often think of logistics as Point A and Point B, with goods leaving one location and arriving at another. But between those two points are many stops and switches that make your supply chain process smooth and on time. One of those tactics used to keep a smooth supply chain is drayage. WHAT IS DRAYAGE? In […]