A Transportation Management System (TMS) can set your business apart from competitors, save on expenses and streamline processes in your company to create a successful future for your company. The advantages of a TMS are not only beneficial for your business, but are they are also helpful for your customers and carriers as well. In a congested market like Houston, a TMS will mitigate shipping issues and streamline your processes.

1. Cost Reduction Through Carrier Selection

Once your company implements a Transportation Management System, using it frequently can reduce costs. A TMS also allows companies the option to select carriers based on fast travel time, lost cost, carrier rating and more. You can easily keep track of carriers and their transactions when you use a TMS.

2. Reduce Freight Expenses

A TMS can reduce freight expenses through optimization and the use of analytics. A TMS allows companies to centralize the logistics function, which assists in making system processes more efficient. Higher efficiency can lead to increased cost savings and the TMS uses data to offer strategies for the reduction of freight expenses.

3. Improved Customer Service

A Transportation Management System allows you to analyze service failures and track shipments so that your company’s customer service department can explain service failures to customers and your customers can be instantly notified of shipment status.  

4. Efficiently Track Deliveries in and out of Houston

A TMS has the capability to show where shipments and drivers are at in real-time. This valuable information provides management with the ability to see which routes are most efficient and shows the general amount of time it takes to complete a specific route.

The benefits of a Transportation Management System (TMS) in Houston are very helpful in growing your company, tracking deliveries in real-time, reducing freight expenses and more. MVP’s ground freight shipping services utilizes a Transportation Management System (TMS) that adds value to your business by consolidating loads, managing routes and finding innovative, simple solutions that meet your needs. Contact us to get started.

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