You know that moving products is a difficult and complicated task. Getting all your various processes to work together can feel like waiting for the stars to align. A good logistics company is crucial for ensuring everything goes from point A to point B without a hitch. When you’re shopping around for logistics company in Houston, there are a few factors that you should look for.


We’ve all heard the saying: It’s more about who you know than what you know.  It takes years to form connections with key professionals. When you work with an established logistics company, you get to benefit from the connections that they have made throughout the years. They have the relationships to ensure that your supply chain is managed effectively, and can also provide referrals for special projects. Ask a potential logistics management company what current businesses they work with so you can get a clearer picture of their network.


Any good logistics company should help you flourish, not hold you back. Can they scale with you in the long run as your operations grow and change? Look into their current customers to see if any went through a growth period and how the logistics provider helped them keep up. Your business will continue to grow and an exceptional logistics company will be able to keep up (and even stay ahead) of your company. Houston is a critical location for delivery of goods across the country – what ground services does the logistics company offer?

Customer Service

In our social-minded world where you’re always a few bad Facebook reviews away from failure, outstanding customer service is crucial. Choosing a logistics company that has wonderful customer service and on-site personnel will benefit your business by saving you time and frustration. What is their response time like in a crisis? How do they follow up with current customers? A good logistics company should foster positive relationships with your customers as well as theirs – you should also feel like a valued customer of theirs as well.


Safety is absolutely critical when choosing a logistics company. A reputable logistics company will conduct weekly team safety meetings, safety training and documentation and will adhere to Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA) standards. They’ll also stay up-to-date on the ever-changing safety regulations.

We know finding the right third party logistics company is a challenging task. Our logistics team can help you find the perfect logistics and supply chain management solution in Houston. At MVP Logistics, our quest for excellence is in our DNA. With over 25 years of experience, we are one of the best freight companies in Houston because we are prepared to tackle any issue — large or small — to streamline all points of the supply chain from raw material to end users.

This blend of customer service and extensive resources is what sets MVP Logistics apart from other freight forwarding companies. Contact us today to get started.

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