Pool distribution is the distribution of orders to several destination points within a set geographic region. Typically, this includes a high frequency of smaller shipments in LTL quantities.

Pool distribution is a way of streamlining the shipping process. Instead of many different shipments arriving on separate trucks to the same area, a pool distribution service combines several LTL shipments onto fewer trucks.


Save Money: LTL shipping allows you to save money by sharing in the cost of a full truckload with other shippers. By pooling distribution, a logistics company is further able to save money by strategically arranging packages and trucks, and this saving is passed along to shippers and manufacturers.

Shorter Transit Time: Pool distribution saves time over traditional LTL, since trucks are sent to the same location and do not make multiple stops. This long haul approach sees goods arriving faster and gives you more control of drayage once packages arrive at docks.

More Control: Reducing your overall number of shipments is a more streamlined approach and much easier to manage. It can also be more secure – when your shipments arrive at a warehouse to be sorted into pool distribution, they are inspected at that stage. This makes it easier to flag damaged good and secure packaging as needed before packages are sent on their long journey.

Reduces Carbon Footprint: Pool distribution also is more sustainable over other trucking methods. Reducing the overall number of trucks sent to an area lowers carbon footprints. Fewer trucks used also means less fuel consumed.

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