What are Sort and Segregate Services?

Getting a package from point A to B is a web of interconnected threads – and if even one of those threads is broken, the whole supply chain is in shambles. One key thread in the supply chain journey are sort and segregate services.


What are Sort and Segregate Services?

Sort and segregate is the process of counting every case on a pallet as it’s received, instead of accepting the pallet as-is. This ensures all goods shipped reach their intended destination.

Sort and segregate services are typically done at the dock or warehouse as an audit to address any missing packages. Shippers generally want sort and segregate services, because this provides better accountability and visibility. Additionally, if packages are missing it’s better to know as soon as possible so the problem can be resolved. However, LTL truckers are typically on a tight schedule and either don’t want to or simply can’t take the time to count every package.

This is where a logistics company fills the gap to ensure that your products are handled correctly at every stage of their journey.


How Do I Use Sort and Segregate Services?

There are a few different ways sort and segregate services are offered. Sometimes, they’re an additional service offered by a warehouse. Some carriers provide this service directly, although it’s rare. A logistics company will source this service for you, if desired.

At MVP Logistics, we offer sort and segregate services at our Minneapolis, Houston, and Los Angeles warehouses. This service is available as part of all LTL, FTL and drayage services.


How Much Do Sort and Segregate Services Cost?

The final cost will depend on number of packages, number of pallets, destination and must arrive by date. An important first step is knowing how much your freight will cost. Our FREE freight calculator allows you to quickly estimate shipping costs. Use it today to start planning your supply chain process.

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MVP Logistics is your 3PL logistics partner for supply chain project management, logistics, warehousing and fulfillment, LTL and other supply chain needs. Our Minneapolis, Houston, and Los Angeles area warehouses provides local, national and international shipping services. Find your solution today.

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