Sort and segregate (sort and seg for short) is a service carriers provide to ensure everything that should be in a shipment is there and in optimal condition. These services involve checking every case on a pallet and includes unloading, sorting, counting, repacking and checking for quality. 

Less-than-truckload (LTL) drivers often have tight schedules and may not have the time or ability to count every package individually. That’s when customers turn to a dedicated third-party logistics (3PL) company like MVP to come in and perform the sort and seg services. 

What is Sort and Segregate?

Let’s break it down. Here are the sort and segregate definitions:

Sort: This process involves organizing items, or materials, based on specific criteria, like size, type, quality or other characteristics. Sorting is often necessary to ensure efficient processing, or to meet particular requirements. The sorting method typically depends on the client’s requirements and how the cargo is organized and assigned in the warehouse.

Segregate: Segregation involves isolating and separating specific items, or materials, from others. It serves various purposes including preserving the quality of certain products, preventing contamination and complying with regulatory standards. For instance, in the food industry, products with allergens may need to be segregated from non-allergenic products to avoid cross-contamination and meet safety regulations.

The Benefits of Sort and Seg

Sort and segregate services are performed at the dock or warehouse to ensure all shipped goods reach their intended destination. Here are some benefits of sorting and segregating services:

Sort and Segregate Charges 

Sort and segregate charges are the costs of sorting and separating items or materials to ensure everything is organized and handled correctly. The exact amount you’ll pay for these services depends on factors like the size and weight of the cargo, the number of items, and the specific services you’re getting. The charges and terms are agreed upon in advance by the shipper and consignee.  

Usually, clients request and pay for sort and segregate services as a part of their receiving process. Sort and seg services are usually detailed separately on your transportation invoice, although sometimes, the shipping company may send you a separate invoice for these services. 

Why You Need Sort and Segregate Services

Let’s face it: not all packages reach their intended destination in optimal condition — things happen. Sort and segregate services give you the opportunity to act fast in the event you’re short-shipped or your goods are damaged. 

MVP offers reliable warehouse management and distribution services — including sort and seg — so you can rest easy knowing that your goods are properly handled, accounted for, and in their correct location. With a network of over 350 locations and 3,000 authorized carrier partners nationwide, we’re dedicated to providing an unparalleled shipping experience.