What are the advantages of ground freight transportation in Houston? How is Houston positioned for international ground freight shipping? We have the answers to these questions and more in our guide to ground freight transportation in Houston.

What is Ground Freight Transportation?

Ground freight transportation is the shipment of goods on a truck, usually an eighteen wheeler. Ground freight shipping is a dynamic and growing business in the United States and it serves as the backbone for a multitude of industries. At our Houston warehouse, our ground freight shipping services add value to your business by consolidating loads, managing routes and finding innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.

International Ground Freight Transportation

Houston is in a great location for shipping cargo to nearby Mexico or shipping goods north to Canada. The closest Mexican border is only six hours from Houston, so international access for ground freight transportation is only a few hours from the city of Houston. MVP Logistics provides global import and export transportation services and offers real time tracking, a transportation management system and more. We employ highly skilled personnel who are focused on our customer’s transportation needs, both in the United States and internationally.

Types of Freight Shipments

The three different types of freight shipments are classified as either a full truckload (FTL), a less-than-truckload (LTL) and a partial truckload (PTL). A full truckload is when a full container is available for transporting goods and full truckload shipments are direct from the pick-up location to the destination. Less-than-truckload is when the cargo can be moved onto different trucks on its journey to its final destination. Finally, a partial truckload is a shipment that fills up only a part of the truckload capacity and generally, the goods will not be transferred to another truck along the way to the customer. At our Houston warehouse, we offer full truckload, partial truckload, and less-than-truckload throughout North America.

Advantages of Ground Freight Transportation in Houston

Shipping freight via ground transportation offers many advantages over other transportation options because it is cost-effective, it can be easily tracked, and it is a full door-to-door service from warehouse to customer. In Houston, there are many majors highways (like Interstate 10, US 90, and Interstate 69), so access to these highways is easy. The MVP Logistics Houston warehouse is only two miles from Interstate 69 and is strategically located for transportation throughout the United States and beyond.

Ground transportation is still a critical tool in the shipping industry. Now that you know the basics of ground transportation in Houston, contact MVP today for a quote.




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