Get all your warehousing and distribution needs met at MVP Logistics' Minneapolis Fulfillment Warehouse and Distribution Center, as seen from above.

Looking For Warehousing and Fulfillment Services in Minneapolis?

MVP Logistics offers warehousing and fulfillment services in Minneapolis located within 5 minutes from interstate 494, 394, and MN 55.

We offer ample warehouse storage space within our modern facilities that are clean, well-lit and protected with 24-hour video surveillance. 

Our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows for maximum order management efficiency. You can view the status of your inventory to forecast production, track shipments, and prevent back orders in a few simple clicks.

Warehouse pricing starts as low as:

  • $0.65 per pallet for daily storage
  • $8.00 per pallet, in or out


Stop worrying about inventory and let us take care of it for you.
Our modern facilities and Warehouse Management System (WMS) will make your life easier.

Fulfillment CENTER

Keep Your Customers Happy with Our Comprehensive Fulfillment Services. We understand the complexity of order fulfillment and are here to provide you with a comprehensive solution.


Take the Hassle Out of Distribution with Our Professional Packing and Shipping Services. We understand the importance of timely shipping and accuracy, so let us take care of it for you.

An image of a packaging being prepared to be shipped for an order.

Pick and Pack

Streamline your order management with our Pick and Pack warehouse services to quickly and accurately pick and pack products, ensuring timely fulfillment. Let us take the hassle out of it for you and make sure your orders arrive on time every time.

An image of a person scanning an SKU on a package to prepare for shipping

SKU Picking

We create separate zones for your inventory, optimizing time spent on pickers and ensuring faster, more accurate order fulfillment. Put us to work for you – we’ll take care of all the details so you don’t have to!

Sort and Segregate

Need help unloading and sorting your inventory? Our sort and segregate services provide an ideal solution – reliable, efficient unloading and sorting of goods with quality checking, repacking, and piece counting included.

A package of individual items that are sold as one single product.


Make warehouse kitting simple with MVP Logistics. We combine multiple SKUs into one package and our warehouse management system guarantees accurate inventory tracking as your products are transformed into kits – meaning no surprises when it comes time to fulfill orders.

UPC Bar Coding

Get a handle on your warehouse operations with barcode labels. Tag each location and container with a scan-ready label that allows for semi-automated cycle counts, speedy inventory transfers, and improved accuracy in data entry and reporting.

An image of parcel packages

Small Parcel Shipping

Make small parcel delivery simple with MVP Logistics. We provide real-time inventory management, labeling, tracking and other inventory services. Our extensive contracts with nationwide carriers ensure your orders will arrive on time and intact.


Ensure accurate inventory management with MVP’s organized warehouses. With our organization and attention to detail, you can trust that your stock is accurately tracked and easily managed. Get peace of mind knowing that MVP Logistics is taking care of your warehouse operations!


Keep pallets safe with MVP Logistics. We use durable plastic wrap to provide a layer of protection that prevents your products from shifting in transit. Be sure your shipments arrive intact and free from damage.

Warehouse and Distribution Process

We Have experience With The Big Box names

Imagine if your business had one-stop integration with every platform you needed to be successful. 

MVP offers this capability and more, offering solutions for ecommerce retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Target, Wayfair, and more. 

1000+ Ecommerce Orders Fulfilled Daily

MVP Logistics has the experience and infrastructure in place to take on your ecommerce fulfillment needs. Our team of experts have the experience and knowledge to meet even the tightest deadlines.

OTIF and MABD Experience

We have the ability to ship orders in 24 hours or less from our strategically located warehouses across the United States. Our team has extensive experience in meeting delivery dates. In fact, we’ve been doing it since 2007!

Frictionless Order Processing

Systems to support EDI integration and automated order processing whenever possible.

  • Quick turn times
  • FTP file transfers
  • Back and forth data exchange
  • High volume capabilities
  • Inventory control
  • Suggested EDI partner
  • EDI source
Frictionless ecommerce order processing solutions to make life easier.
An image of a strong foundation being built.

Solid Fundamentals

A deep understanding of our products and systems, which has been critical in both of these processes, where they catch manufacturing issues on the way in, and act as a last line of defense before orders ship.

  • Inventory processes
  • Receiving/Fulfillment
  • Communication (direct contact)
  • Higher SKU counts 
  • Lower volume per SKU 


Our model for ecommerce is built on our ability to consistently offer a diverse set of styles for all teams, through multiple channels.

  • Flexible storage and fulfillment
  • System for supporting daily/weekly replenishments
  • Adapting inventory to fit market needs
  • In house support for special projects- Kitting, assortment pack creation/separation, and labeling

Visibility To Streamline Operations

Co-PLAN just made your life easier.

With the ability to manage all of your incoming and outgoing shipments from any device, Co-Plan has you covered!

  • Save time and money with a single, easy to use platform
  • Gain insight into all your business data from anywhere at any time
  • Widespread visibility without sacrificing accuracy or control
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate multiple problem areas
  • Minimize accidents and downtime by providing port-to-port visibility