Warehousing – e-Fulfillment – 3PL

Minneapolis – Houston

MVP’s facilities are strategically designed, equipped and staffed for warehousing and e-fulfillment.  We cover everything from overflow to kitting.   Our facilities are modern, clean and well-lit with 24-hour video surveillance and proprietary Warehouse Management Systems. Using this management platform, you can easily view the status of your inventory to forecast production, track shipments, and prevent back orders in a few simple clicks.

Your needs will determine which of the following is best suited to handle your products:

High-Velocity e-Fulfillment Facilities

Pick/Pack, Order Building, Light Assembly, Labeling Facilities

High-Value Storage Facilities

Long Term/Low Touch Facilities

Your Warehouse and e-Fulfillment Partner

We are your full-service solution for warehousing and e-fulfillment. From receiving your products or parts from the manufacturer to acting as a short-term stop-gap while you work to fulfill orders of any size.  Our streamlined process ensures you can deliver for your customers without spending a fortune on warehouse space. By utilizing our easy-to-use warehouse management system, you can keep tabs on your inventory every step of the way.

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